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by The Be W.I.S.E Initiative


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My W.I.S.E Kid is a stem-based learning experience that is in affiliation with the YMCA’s non-profit organization known as Yclub. This program gives women the chance to experiment, learn and develop a passion for Science and engineering. Here at the My W.I.S.E Kid program we have developed a series of different activities such as Hydro Dipping, Rainbow clouds, exploring the forces of flight with Seltzer Rockets and even small activities that look into technology, and Biology. The following program will be taught using our proprietary teaching style known as The W.I.S.E Method and the You DO, I Do, CREATE! Model.

The activities we offer for the year 2019-2020 is as follows:
The Coco-Cola Experiment - Is a fun little beginning experiment to get kids interested about the science field and excited to learn.
Hydro Dipping - A unique hydro imaging process that allows you to apply graphics to almost any three-dimensional object teaching them the basics of chemical bonding.
Seltzer Rockets - The Seltzer Rocket lab exposes kids to the basics of propulsion and flight, while also immersing them with the idea of aerodynamics.
Rainbow Clouds - A fun little activity that teaches students about the weather system and how rain forms.
The Fountain of Youth - This activity exposes kids to some basic terminology of chemistry such as heterogenous and homogenous mixtures.
Monster Toothpaste - Monster toothpaste is another activity that gets kids excited for different kinds of labs, teaching them middle school level chemistry, by introducing the idea of chemical bonding/reactions.