Board of Directors

Padmasundari Rajkumar

Majority Shareholder

Padmasundari Rajkumar has been a Member of the Board since the inception of The Be W.I.S.E Initiative. She is the Majority shareholder on the board and is a vital decision maker to how The Be W.I.S.E Initiative runs.

Jamal Kader

Board Member

Jamal Kader is a remarkable member of the board, looking at the future and trying to identify how far The Be W.I.S.E Initiative can grow.

Rachel Dobney

Board Member

Rachel Dobney is a key player in The Be W.I.S.E Initiatives success. With her essential relationship with the Olentangy District we were able to successfully implement The Be W.I.S.E Initiative’s programs. Her network will allow us to expand The Be W.I.S.E Initiative all of the world.

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