Be wise initiative

Our goal as the Be wise initiative is to make sure that every kid gets the opportunity to experience the stem field. As highschoolers we saw that there weren’t enough women entering the stem field so we thought to create this program to make sure that we get to teach all children not only girls things about science. At The Be W.I.S.E Initiative we are all about creating a positive social environment to nurture the love of science for all kids at the elementary and middle school level but more importantly we are looking to push and motivate more girls to enter the STEM field.  Such as teaching them the scientific method and how particles work.  As the program director of The Be wise initiative I believe that this program is a great way to get younger children to experience science experiments and to let them know what science is really like. By letting your child be in this program you’ll be putting them up for success So please support this program and enroll your child to be part of the Be wise initiative team you won’t regret it! 

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